For Parents

Parent Information Packet 2015-16 -- Documents for your information and to return to the teacher (first day packet)

Math Practice Posters: K-3

Math Practice Posters: 4-6

Common Core Resources for Parents

A Story of Units Documents

Samples:  CCSS in "Kid-friendly" language

How to help your child have a positive math experience: click here

Roadmaps to the common core experience in math: click here

National Council of Teachers of Mathematics parent help: click here

Educational Activities for Parent and Student: click here

Math Resources: click here

PTA Guides to Student Success: click here

 Attributes for Success: Sample rubrics

 Attributes for Success Rubric

Agency Rubric, Elementary School

          The ability to develop and reflect on growth mindset and demonstrate ownership over one’s learning.

Expectations Regarding Work and Study Habits for Elementary Students 

Mindset Video 

Report Card Information:

Rincon Valley Report Card Video

RVUSD Report Card Guide for Middle School   En Espanol

RVUSD Report Card Guide for Elementary  En Espanol

Scholar Athlete and the New Report Card

Kinderbridge        RVUSD CCSS Parent Guide  (Spanish)    Report Card  En Espanol

Kindergarten       RVUSD CCSS Parent Guide  (Spanish)     Report Card  En Espanol

First Grade           RVUSD CCSS Parent Guide (Spanish)      Report Card  En Espanol

Second Grade      RVUSD CCSS Parent Guide (Spanish)     Report Card  En Espanol


Third Grade          RVUSD CCSS Parent Guide (Spanish)     Report Card  En Espanol

Fourth Grade       RVUSD CCSS Parent Guide (Spanish)      Report Card  En Espanol

Fifth Grade           RVUSD CCSS Parent Guide (Spanish)      Report Card  En Espanol

Sixth  Grade         RVUSD CCSS Parent Guide (Spanish)      Report Card  En Espanol

Seventh Grade    RVUSD CCSS Parent Guide (Spanish)     Report Card   En Espanol
                                    Attributes for Success   

Eighth Grade        RVUSD CCSS Parent Guide (Spanish)     Report Card   En Espanol
                                   Attributes for Success 




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