Prepare for KinderBridge

What is KinderBridge?

KinderBridge benefits children who need time to develop socially, emotionally, physically, and academically.  This developmental program acts as a bridge between a flexible environment and the more structured academic setting of kindergarten.  It is for those younger students that need something more than what preschool offers, but are not quite ready for kindergarten. This program gives children the "gift of time” to build the necessary skills for success and leadership throughout their school experience.
There is no cost for this program!

Age Requirements

California state law has changed; children who have their fifth  birthday between September 2 and  December   2  can be  enrolled  in  this program. 

All students entering KinderBridge and kindergarten will be assessed by staff during our kindergarten screening to assist with placement.

KinderBridge kids


Preparing Your Child for KinderBridge:

  • Read to him every day!
  • Give her responsibilities at home
  • Teach him to take care of his personal needs
  • Allow her to dress herself
  • Teach him his name, phone number, and address
  • Encourage her to speak in complete sentences
  • Praise his efforts, don't compare him to siblings
  • Expect her to pick up after herself
  • Teach him to tie his shoes & zip his jacket
  • Encourage her to think things through herself

Our Program

KinderBridge teachers are fully credentialed and will utilize a curriculum that is  aligned with the California State Content Standards. Kindergarten readiness is the primary goal of the KinderBridge program, which focuses on language and literacy activities, early math skills, and critical social development.

The daily schedule includes whole group instruction and activities, small group instruction based on individual needs, and independent "hands-on” learning through exploration and inquiry.  They will have many opportunities to build confidence, which lays a foundation for school success in years to come. Bridge  students  will  enjoy  lunch  and  recess with their kindergarten friends and participate in all kindergarten activities throughout the year, including music, art, science, field trips, and motor skills development.


How Do I Register My Child?

Registration packets are available at each school site at the end of January.
Please bring the following documents with you:
•Child’s birth certificate
•Immunization Record
•Proof of Residency (PG & E or utility bill)

Once completed, registration packets should be returned to the school site.

Each registration packet is checked for completion and will be date stamped upon verification.

Priority is given to siblings of existing RVUSD students and families who live within our boundaries.

Things to Know

KinderBridge is a  full-day program.  Class size will depend on enrollment, but will not exceed 20 students per class.  At this time, classes will be held at Spring Creek, Madrone, and Binkley.

Student Placement

  • Whited and Binkley students will attend Binkley’s KinderBridge.
  • Sequoia, Austin Creek, and Madrone students will attend Madrone’s KinderBridge.
  • Village and Spring Creek students will attend Spring Creek’s KinderBridge.

If your child attends a class that is not at your home school, he/she will be able to return to the home school for kindergarten the following year.

This program  requires  a  two  year commitment.   All students admitted to the program will be continued to regular kindergarten for the 2017-2018 school year.

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